Aaron Rodgers OUT, Lou and Tyler Unhinged | Card Talk
Card TalkSeptember 13, 2023
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Aaron Rodgers OUT, Lou and Tyler Unhinged | Card Talk

If you tune In to Card Talk for hobby talk, I have some unfortunate news for you... the boys weren't in the mood to talk much about cards this week. After all the hype and build up, Aaron Rodgers blew his achilles after just 4 plays, his season is done.. and his career is more likely over than not over.

The censor beep was on overload... so if you like watching raw emotion, this is the week for you.

No Play of the Week... some light Q&A.... but mostly, just pure, unadulterated pain.

Time Stamps:

:56 - What's on your mind (Lou - Aaron Rodgers)

14:36 - What's on your mind (Tyler)

17:37 - What's on your mind (Ryan) NFL Recap

24:33 - NFL Card Market... who's on the rise?

25:24 - Biggest surprises of week 1?

30:47 - Babe Ruth Bowman Chrome $200k bounty

31:22 - Honus Wagner T206 Restored sells for almost $2,000,000

32:42 - Babe Ruth bounty continued

33:30 - Disney Lorcana in-shop update


41:16 - Why didn't I listen to Lou about Josh Allen?

41:32 - Football leads viewership domestically but not the hobby. Why?

43:30 - Do you think college cards will see a rise with NIL deals?

47:51 - If the Angels trade Mike Trout do you see an increase in demand for his cards?

48:36 - What are your thoughts about Whatnot offering buy now pay later options?

50:31 - Is the last comp everything?

51:27 - College football - what's next?

53:21 - New iPhone release

54:08 - Latest Lauch

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