Puka Nacua MANIA, Two Superfractors & Hot Boxes w/ 60 AUTOS?! | Card Talk
Card TalkSeptember 20, 2023
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Puka Nacua MANIA, Two Superfractors & Hot Boxes w/ 60 AUTOS?! | Card Talk

The NFL had another action packed weekend with some surprising 2-0 teams, even more surprising 0-2 teams and Puka MANIA taking over the world! You can purchase graded Jerry Rice rookie cards for the same price as Puka Donruss elite autos. What gives?!

The NFL quarterback market is starting to become clear... who's hot and who's not? College football cards are also heating up as 2023 Bownan Chrome University features a fantastic checklist! There were 3 of the same Superfractors pulled in 2 different breaks this week. How does that happen? Imagine a box with 2 guaranteed autos yielding 60 of them? You might get that lucky, with this week's news about Bowman Chrome hot boxes. Hershey Haaland signed a card with the inscription, "The LeBron James of Soccer"... interesting!

Also, Tyler and Lou's Jets got smoked by the Cowboys ... but they are set to return home to face off against Ryan's* Patriots this week. Can the Jets break their 14 game losing streak against the Pats? We'll see! Speaking of big games, Colorado is in Oregon this weekend as 21 point dogs... will they cover? Win outright?

Tune in for all of this PLUS we answer 10 great questions from our audience, as well as an exciting latest launch!

Time Stamps:

1:04 - What's on your mind (Tyler)

6:44 - What's on your mind (Lou)

9:29 - What's on your mind (Tyler 2)

10:18 - What's on your mind (Ryan)

15:00 - Any juice with NIL College Football cards?

18:28 - NFL QB's who's up & who's down?

28:03 - Puka Nacka Mania, what are we doing?!

30:31 - Brian Robinson Jr & Bijon are GOOD!

31:17 - Two of the same Superfractors pulled?! How?!

32:29 - Bowman Chrome hot boxes.. 60 autos in ONE box?!

33:26 - Is Hershey Haaland the "LeBron James of Soccer"?

40:49 - Soccer update (Messi // World Cup Final stadium?)


41:33 - Is Micah Parsons the best defensive player in the league?

44:29 - Will Lou trade me Mark Andrews in the POTW fantasy league?

44:54 - Does Ryan regret dropping Skyy Moore yet?

45:11 - Buy, Sell, Hold - Burrow, Tua, Hurts?

46:04 - At what point do we need a "Bengals Worry Meter"?

46:53 - In terms of QB's, who is underpriced and who is overpriced?

54:41 - Better buy - Jalen Hyatt or Zay Flowers?

55:05 - On it Athletic College Football NIL Cards - Thoughts?

59:52 - Ryan's level of concern for a Michigan 3-peat after McCarthy's start?

1:01:56 - Who wins this week, Pats vs Jets? Who is each team's current best player to collect?

1:06:16 - Colorado Football - 21 point dogs?!

1:09:37 - Latest Lauch


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