Season 4 Recap... The End of an Era?! | Card Talk
Card TalkDecember 20, 2023
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Season 4 Recap... The End of an Era?! | Card Talk

Season 4 was filled with some amazing moments. Hits and misses. Good takes and laughably bad ones. When you put out a show every single week, you're bound to win some, and lose some.

That's how things have gone during the 4 year run for Card Talk. Three friends sitting around, making fun of each others favorite teams and talking sports cards. HAVING FUN!

Sometimes we forget what collecting trading cards is supposed to be all about. It's a hobby. Hobbies are meant to be a fun escape from the real world. Despite the fact that there are values attached to the cards, at the end of the day it's the people in the hobby and their stories that make it great.

We were fortunate enough to carve out a segment in this hobby for 4 years who enjoyed watching and listening to us every single Wednesday. You submitted plays of the week, asked questions, attended our in-person events, trade nights, the National, Dallas Card Shows, London Card Shows... it was truly an honor to be able to entertain you and keep you updated on all the hobby news.

Sadly, it appears that at least for now, this will be the final episode of Card Talk. The entire crew here will miss all of the interactions and engagements, the laughs and jokes. It's been one hell of a run.

We won't say goodbye.... it's more of a see you later!!

From our entire crew, THANK YOU for making this show so much fun to record.

Now please enjoy our season 4 recap!!!

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