Myspace with Rod, AKA the Internet's Coworker
What Ever Happened To...August 09, 2022
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Myspace with Rod, AKA the Internet's Coworker

If you spent time on the internet in the early to mid 2000s, you've probably asked yourself at least once, "What ever happened to Myspace?"

Joining Emily to reminisce about MySpace is maybe the world’s most recognizable millennial: Rod Thill, AKA “Just Me Rod” AKA “the internet’s coworker.” He makes the most relatable videos on TikTok and Instagram from the POV of a millennial tackling the complicated world of adulting, usually to some classic '90s bangers. Rod is also the host of his very own podcast, Millennial Made, where he creates a safe space for his followers to express corporate burnout and bring us back to the days of Myspace and more.

From the songs that died on our Myspace to their most embarrassing pictures, Emily and Rod cover that bittersweet time in our lives. Plus, stick around for Rod's painfully relatable story about "the popular kid" adding him to his Top 8...or did he? 

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